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Welcome to our investment world!

Ferdie's Enterprises, Inc

Is a Texas based Corporation established,  March 24, 2003. The company is some what diverse, not only in division, but in its investment strategies and investor relations.

Expansion Program:

Ferdie's Enterprises, Inc

Is seeking to raise 1 million dollars  from accredited Family & Friends investors to expand its "Black Swan Restaurant"   located at 18719 Mirror Lake Drive, in Spring, Texas 77388.

The expansion consists of adding a full service bar on to its existing building and purchasing the adjoining property  that has a 2700 square foot building on a 1 acre lot that will be utilized immediately for an  upscale Buffet and additional parking. The project will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete once the funds are available.

Family & Friends Share Offering:

Ferdie's Enterprises, Inc. is offering accredited Family & Friends- 2 for 1 common shares at 1.00 par value.  The company is looking to raise 1,000,000 US dollars in order to achieve its Black Swan Restaurant expansion goals. The Shares will be sold in blocks of 40,000 shares for 20,000.00 US dollars.

Exit Strategy:

Possible reverse merger that is being discussed. We have a letter of intent waiting to be executed.

Time Frame:

Now, we have all our costs and financial projections to start the expansion.


Executive Summary:

Mission- To make our investors, share holders and employees as much money as we can, by utilizing our God given talents.

The company is planning to build as many theme restaurants as possible nationally within the next ten years.

The company has plans to construct a resort & entertainment complex just outside the San Antonio Texas city limits. The project has twelve phases and will take 4 years to complete. The projects main focus will be an international race track, 18 theme restaurants, hotel and spa, amusement park, private airport, with lots of added value amenities to make the project safe and enjoyable for our customers.

We are also planning on a gourmet food product line to sell 31 different items direct to consumers. 

Objective- Ferdie's Enterprises, Inc is looking for investors, partnerships and joint venture opportunities, that see the big picture and believe in what we have to offer. Our company has put together the necessary documents that will give the investor an informed and intelligent idea as to what they will be investing in with a built in exit strategy.

Reverse Merger- The company is negotiating with a New York entity to acquire a reverse merger shell. The plan behind the merger would allow Ferdie's Enterprises, Inc to market its products and concepts through stock offerings. They would also go after "pipes" private investors and private equity investors. If you have good ideas and common sense concepts and a proven track record- above average returns- investors will show up.

Incentives- Ferdie's Enterprises, Inc is offering partnerships and investor incentives to participate in the company's growth. The Company's growth areas encompass our 18 theme restaurants, our gourmet food product line that will be distributed nationally, and our resort and entertainment projects.

Financial Analyses- The company has put together financial summary's on all its projects. When it comes to investors investing in our company's we present enough financial information along with an audit that will give you a professional understanding about the company's finances. Our main focus here is to open our books to any potential investor so that they can make an intelligent decision as to the company's creditability. Being loyal,  trustworthy and honest is foremost on our list of ethics.

Management- The company is presently expanding at a rapid rate and is looking to employ individuals with related experience in marketing, investor relations, financial advisors, division managers, and operational directors. You can contact us by sending an email to employment@ferdiesenterprises.com please attach your resume.









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